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Security entrances - turnstiles - COVID19 solutions

The turnstyles are complex constructions of metal and glass where aimed the controlled entry into places of mass congregation. It is usually entrances of great offices, public buildings, factories and have many stages of gradations. The aesthetic needs and frequency of use vary, with the result that is available in alternative formats (coloured steel, inox, aluminium). Cooperate with access control systems such as magnetic card readers, ticket validators to allow access only to authorized users and when the case is the escape exits.

Andromeda assume about the procurement placement and maintenance of turnstyles, and extra equipment (restrictive side railings, frosted glass partitions, system access control).

Access control - COVID19 automatic thermometer / person count / mask detection

The system was designed to control access through turnstiles entrances. It can be installed in old and new facilities. The software sends orders to the turnstile, the automatic door and the electromagnetic lock and ensures access only according to the parameters set by the security officer. Ideal for train stations, airports, hospitals, workshops, office buildings, exhibitions, etc.

Access control - automatic thermometer / person count / mask detection

Great care was taken to prevent involuntary infections. Monitoring the human temperature, touchless, achieves this. It is also possible to install additional features such as a beacon, siren, voice messages, indicative messages on screen, etc. ANDROMEDA has the know-how of the components that personalize each application, depending on the customer needs.

'Ελεγχος προσβασης - COVID19 αυτόματη θερμομέτρηση / καταμέτρηση ατόμων / ανίχνευση μάσκας
'Ελεγχος προσβασης - COVID19 αυτόματη θερμομέτρηση / καταμέτρηση ατόμων / ανίχνευση μάσκας

Face recognition allows access permission to people with or without a mask. The software commands the exit to the turnstile, or the door, to release the lock. At the same time, it can update information databases and maintain statistics (hourly counting and body temperature control per employee).

It is a self-supporting construction, independent without special / additional requirements-conditions. Category ss 304. IP54 protection material for easy antiseptic cleaning.

Τechnical specifications


Plastic shell, metal back plate

CPU processor

4 core 1.2G




32G eMMC


Pixel HD colorful camera
Infrared camera
Thermal imaging camera

Fill light

High light. LED fill light
Dual infrared high power fill light

Display screen

5’’ capacity touch screen

Screen resolution



Touch virtual keypad

Communication method



<= 0.1%


<= 0.001%

Product size


Power supply

DC 12V, 2A

Working temperature

-15°С to 60°C





User ID capacity


Face capacity


User record capacity

1 000 000

Identification type

Dynamic face recognition

Identification display

Person name & number

Face recognition time

Less than 0.2s

Intelligent function

Infrared live person identification detection

Face recognition distance

0.5-1.0 m

Temperature detection distance

0.2-0.7 m

Temperature detection error

±0.3 °C

Temperature detection unit

0.1 °C

'Ελεγχος προσβασης - COVID19 αυτόματη θερμομέτρηση / καταμέτρηση ατόμων / ανίχνευση μάσκας


Twix-M turnstile is a robust and reliable model of the tripod turnstile series. This model will efficiently control the entrance even in intensive pedestrian flow mode, making it suitable for heavily used sites like stadiums, industrial plants or factories. Design of this tripod barriers for access control is sleek and elegant, with a choice of housing finishing options it will fit perfectly in both modest interiors as well elegant office buildings.


Bastion-M is one leg base tripod gate. Bastion-M tripod access system has a new mechanism Triservo-M. Bastion- M has a double LED indication too. Enlarged housing of this access turnstile allows getting extra strength and robust benefits which keep pedestrian traffics of high intensity.

'Ελεγχος προσβασης - COVID19 αυτόματη θερμομέτρηση / καταμέτρηση ατόμων / ανίχνευση μάσκας
'Ελεγχος προσβασης - COVID19 αυτόματη θερμομέτρηση / καταμέτρηση ατόμων / ανίχνευση μάσκας

Speedblade (500+900)

Speedblade is motorised turnstiles featuring sliding blades. The housing material and lightweight cabinet shape make Speedblade security turnstiles suitable for a large variety of facilities, especially those with a requirement for aesthetically attractive equipment. In addition, Speedblade includes an anti-tailgating function. The sliding blades are made of glass, with polycarbonate an option. This motorized turnstile can be controlled by push button or via an access control system.

Full-height turnstiles

TiSO full-height turnstiles is another type of pedestrian barriers. Largely these security doors are used for outdoor application within project of highest security / vandal proof requirements. Herewith indoor application also can be considered.

The range of security gates includes both single and space saving double lane modifications. Solutions for wheelchair, bycicle, or large belonigns passing. Also, customer is able to make a decision based on drive principle: ecletro mechanical, motorized, or fully mechanical.

'Ελεγχος προσβασης - COVID19 αυτόματη θερμομέτρηση / καταμέτρηση ατόμων / ανίχνευση μάσκας
'Ελεγχος προσβασης - COVID19 αυτόματη θερμομέτρηση / καταμέτρηση ατόμων / ανίχνευση μάσκας

Full height security turnstiles are available in different metal snd metal treatment types, including materails reliable for severe climate conditions. Turnstiles can be integrated with any type of access control system and ID equipment.

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