Press releases


February 2021

Installed automatic doors at 251 General Airforce Hospital.

January 2021

Installed antivandal-bullet door for Peiraius Bank.

December 2020

Installed fire-resistant glass door for Peiraius Bank.

September 2020

We built a new automatic door at the Ippokrateio Hospital..

March 2020

Completion of the entrance of OSE headquarters.

December 2019

We built a new crystal entrance door at the GAIAOSE offices. We also installed automatic doors in XENIA hotel in Florina.

November 2019

We installed new automatic doors at the SKLAVENITIS store.

October 2019

We installed a fire-resistant glass partition at the CHRYSAFIDIS SA offices.

September 2019

We manufactured the automatic doors at the SLAVENITIS store in Ippokratous.

July 2019

Installed new fireproof crystal doors at the INTERAMERICAN offices in Ilioupoli.

April 2019

Installed a new automatic entry door in a SKLAVENITIS store in Thessaloniki.

March 2019

Delivered custom metallic constructions to the NOVAL building in Kifissias avenue.

January 2019

Finished installments at the new Whitestone SA factory in Bulgaria, including rolling shutters, fireproof doors and shutters and fireproof glass walls.

November 2018

Designed and installed glass walls in the new offices of BOERINGER INGELHEIM in Sygrou avenue.

July 2018

Delivered anti-vandalism glass walls for the new branch of ETHNIKI BANK in Pallini.

March 2018

Delivered two new stores SKLAVENITIS in Thessalonika (Pylaia and Eyosmos).

May 2012

Delivered two new stores SKLAVENITIS in Varkiza and St. Antonios.

April 2012

Delivered all the glazing in the new Metro station Haidari.

March 2012

Andromeda SA In collaboration with ARMORTEC SA added to the range of curtain walls and doors with explosion protection. The applications are mainly in office buildings, industrial and military installations. After four years of joint studies and trials acquired in January of TNO certification for explosive C4.

December 2011

Automatic doors in the new surgical hospital of Santorini.

November 2011

New store SKLAVENITIS.The project fireproof metal doors and fire resistant glazing and automatic glazed entrance doors.

March 2011

ANDROMEDA delivers resisting certified fire resisting curtain walls in Ilioúpoli with sponsor the AKTWR S.a. With this application established the good cooperation with SCHOTT to certified plated structures.

February 2011

ANDROMEDA retains the fire doors in retaining mineral of Greece DIERRE. This cooperation enables turnkey doors in standard dimensions in gray color.

January 2011

Andromeda places the antivandal-bullet resistant fascade glasswalls in Petralona shop Security Bank of Cyprus. This is the first collaboration with the group in the certified system ALUMIL M50S. After its successful implementation, the exemplary Andromeda is recognized as certified manufacturer of respective antivandal-bullet resistant fascade glasswalls' of ALUMIL.

December 2010

Delivered fully 45 stores of Bank of Cyprus with a cage to avoid TFD 2000 and at the emergency exit door.

October 2010

Andromeda undertakes the organisation and management of orders THEUMA Netherlands.

September 2010

Resisting glazing is delivered to the METRO station Anthoypolis. In this project Andromeda, in close collaboration with the St. Gobain, studied 8 alternative methods of construction in order to choose the ideal. The engineering team has the know-how and experience to undertake a study and realization of certified fire resisting glazing to any station of ATTIKO METRO.

August 2010

Tasks are completed delivery of automatic doors and automatic surgery doors of the new building of the hospital, AG. Andreas Of Patras.

January 2010

Andromeda undertakes to build 45 stores of Bank of Cyprus throughout Greece cages to prevent entry. The TFD system 2000 is all designed and implemented by the technical group of Andromeda. Special feature, completely custom-made construction of mentality. The steel frames in conjunction with the glazing and the electronic control system, allowing the customer to choose dimensions, color, structure and level of security (WK4, WK3, BR3 BR4, .p7b, P6B, E 60, EW60) .

June 2009

Completed the crisp point support construction for the pedestrian bridges to the following stations of the OSE: AG. Stephen, Acharnai, Tatoϊ, Afidnai, Malakassa, Ag. Thomas. In this project Andromeda studied and manufactured glazing, how to support the roof and their adaptation to metallic construction of wells of the lift.

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