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Antivandal - bullet resistant fascade glass walls

Andromeda has always focused on creations which protect human life. The evolution of this route is now the certified constructions. The assurance that the proposed solution is really what we claim and not a wish list or even worst miscalculation.

Our contribution to security curtain walls is dual. Choose the appropriate certified production houses as to cooperate with them to offer the best product for our customers. We monitor and steer our group on the effective implementation of the certified solution. Self-criticism is usually the most difficult track.

The Bank gave us space to this specialisation. The Bank of Greece was the first customer who confided bulletproof construction with automation in the measuring space. Corresponding structures we've implemented in Bank of Attica, via Egnatia, and most recently in the National Bank of Cyprus. Apart from the banks, the Greek police force has asked us through building contractor in the input control system in place for issuing passports. The Navy, the airport Macedonia, embassies, industrial material areas of strategic importance and, finally, our private commissioned study and construction of complex and demanding structures common characteristic have certification.

Companies such as ALUMIL S.a., MBB, FORSTER, St. GOBAIN, DITEC, EKEY, DORMA, GEZE, YALE, cover with know-how and raw materials our group.

Point structural glazing

In the late 1990s was the one-off support as the pioneering-qualitative manner glass frames internationally. The first House that inspired and developed the PILKINGTON PLANAR system and immediately after the St GOBAIN with SPIDER. This position gained followers, imitators and duplicators. Soon on the market of products presented in many formats and qualities. Today, almost every house offers besides the conventional systems of glass frames and a point solution. Our engineers are in constant collaboration with scholars and contractors to support plans and construction details of any project with the right product.

Equally important is virtual and infrastructure-support structure and placement. To completed a certified construction be considered static and to ensure compliance with the rules of application with the correct materials. It is necessary in cases where the project is bulletproofed or plated requirements. The immediate and long-term cooperation with them are houses pays particularly in applications that have not been studied to date and original culture requires design and construction.

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