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Prevention cages

Our long-standing cooperation with factors affecting banking area, has provided us with the basis of the experience and knowledge of basic needs in bank's shops. With the passage of years, these needs have customizable in new requirements of major cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki.Decade of 80 ' greatest need was the transparency of space from the pavement and Mall's culture where the customer should have easy access. Security problems were limited. The protected spaces was funds and coffers.The structures consist of simple glass and doors securit. Our customers were almost all of competing banks at the time.

When the door opened in 90 ' for the private banks was added the concept of corporate identity and protection panels in Central stores (demonstrations). Then we built for taking EGNATIA, EUROBANK, OPEN 24 CITIBANK, PIREAS, MILLENIUM, PARIBAS, entrances with folding Crystal partitions where seperate the ATM nonworking hours FALLING from the rest of the store. With this layout, the client of the Bank was using the ATM in a protected area, moving from central door with his card.

In early of 2003 it became clear that the requirements were changed again, demanding increased security. The first cages were placed, and the first "serious" flak crystals in faces. The priority now was in preventing robbery due to increased risk of human loss. Secondary objective the ensuring of security of those working in the Bank from risk of accidents due to abuse in demonstrations.

A further application is the jewellers, the entrances of embassies with a completely different mindset and equipment, production of pharmaceutical companies.

ANDROMEDA, by combining its diverse technological knowledge, achieves maximum security.

Andromeda create the cage with these data and has used its experience in flak and effective for resisting fires deep in conjunction with security on the basis of expertise in the area of automation. We created from scratch a flexible system where fit in needs of each individual client. The cage is delivered in a simple base version with additions of equipment where cover all service requirements security entrances. Presence detectors, metal, are two of the most common plugins ready. Cages in single and dual format, installed in 45 shops Bank of Cyprus throughout Greece.

Road blocking systems

TiSO standard range of traffic fixed bollards are widely used as static barriers to provide vehicle access control and parking management of secured areas. A wide range of different models are available to suit most urban architectural designs. Whilst the standard range of fixed parking bollards are not designed to be anti-ram, they are an ideal solution for controlling traffic around public areas. TiSO fixed bollards are generally used to control pedestrian zones or parking near malls, office buildings, public institutions, and private areas.

removable bollards are an ideal low-cost solution for controlling vehicle access when there is light traffic movement. The main advantage of such models determined by mobility which provides free driveway in case of necessity. Removable bollard is removed by a simple turn of a specially supplied key. These bollards are a perfect solution for installations which require temporary free driveways during certain hours of a day/night. A comprehensive range of removable bollards are available from TiSO in different dimensions, blocking heights, tube materials, and diameters. The installation depth of 315 mm makes this bollard easy and quick to install.

iSO M30 high security Road Blockers offer the highest level of vehicle anti ramming protection. Engineered and designed to prevent unauthorised access of vehicles to a secured area, this equipment has been tested to withstand high speed impact from heavy goods vehicles. This range of TiSO road blockers has successfully passed crash test and certified according to ASTM F2656-07, M50, P1 (-2,4m) and ASTM F2656-07, M30, P1 (-2,1m). Developed by engineers with extensive knowledge and experience within this field, this type of wedge barrier offers maximum security with installation simplicity, easy service, reliability, durability, and multi functionality. Due to the high security level required from this product, this series has been extensively tried and tested to ensure maximum performance and reliability during high intensity operations. Available in standard blocking widths of 2-4 meters, the customer also has the option for other combinations of modules to suit variable driveway/road widths.


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