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Automatic swing doors

Automatic swing doors are used in areas where there is no much available space . The door swings out , giving an advantage to the exiting user and a dissadvantage to the incoming user . So it is perfect for one way function , but tricky for two way function . It is ideal for narrow corridors , emergency entrances in hospitals , sealed airlocks in pharmaceutical production premisses . Radars , floor mats , push buttons are used as activators . Passive infrared systems and photocels are the safety systems to prevent accidents when the door swings open .

The frame of the door can be aluminium , steel , or wood . The rest of the accessories (locks , access control , emergency handles) are used according to the architects instructions .

An automatic swing door is used according to function of the passage . It may be a passage used by handicaped , limited agility , or simply old people . A building's main entrance , or internal doors must be automatic when people do not have the strength to open them . In other occasions the doorleaf can be too heavy for any normal user to open it manually ( Xray , bullet proof , sound insulated ) . Security can also be a reason to use automation , to make sure that a door opens only in controled occasions . Banks , and pharmaceutical companies use this type of doors in key impertance entrances

ANDROMEDA with experience and know-how in automatic doors, can find the solution for any space and every need of the customer.

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors are 70% of the automatic entrances for many reasons :

1. They are fast (up to 1,4 m/sec opening speed).
2. They can reach up to 3 meters clear opening.
3. Perfect for main entrances without any penalty (swing door side penalty).
4. They slide problem free behind the side panels. With no friction points, and no asymetric load bearing parts.
5. All available radars and activators are compatible.
6. Four alternative profile systems cover all possible needs.
7. Emergency exit option.
8. Two sliding systems can make an effective airlock.
9. Cost effectiveness.

They are applied in entrances of Hotels , airports , hospitals , shops , office buildings etc. They contribute greatly in the building's insulation and people's easy-safe passage.

There are four models of automation:

1. VALOR for high performance , heavy duty traffic .
2. REX for medium performance and normal use .
3. VOLO for curved door etrances .
4. DOK for low speed heavy load internal doors .

In combination with five alternative profiles, two emergency exit systems, compatible with any activator, we can produce doors up to 10m, to fulfill all possible needs of the specifier.

In our 25 years of experience we worked together with architects to meet special demands on the auromatic doors.

In Banks we reached bullet resistance level BR4 and controled entrances. In hospitals , we covered the need radiation shield against Xray equipment and the sanitary requirements for surgery room doors . In quarantine areas , we constructed a SARS for restricted access and controled conditions. In large office buildings the requirement of an emergency exit and fire resistance up to category E 30.

ANDROMEDA can design and produce any special applications automatic door. In our new production facilities we can undertake any project in Greece or abroad. Our team consists of system developers (engineering team in Athens) and independent engineers in specialty sectors like ballistics and sofware. A well studied automatic door can meet any specifier's rquirements, facilitating passage and protecting the users while insulating the building from wasting energy. Equally important is to construct install and service it .

Equally important is maintenance. Our technicians are based in Athens and Thessaloniki. Our constructions and post-warranty technical support is our best advertiser.

Hospital doors

Hospitals have inelastic needs. Main entrances are heavy duty, high speed safety oriented automatic doors aiming to assist the passage to patients , carriages and doctors . By definition they are either in pain , absent minded and in a hurry , 24 hours per day . In almost every old existing structure we renovate there are space limitations . Sanitary requirements are many and different . Specifiers are usually architect teams ,expert only in hospitals . It takes many years of studying and practice to learn what a hospital needs .

ANDROMEDA has produced and installed doors for more than twenty major hospitals in Greece .
In the process three new options to the original model evolved . Inox , formica and aluminum. Standard sizes are 1.600 x 2.200 . Custom made versions are available in custom sizes and window option. The automation is either hermetic or non hermetic . Activators are mainly proximity buttons and passive infrared radars. Access control is also applied in areas where only personnel can pass through.

ANDROMEDA can assist from the specifying stage to installing and servicing the doors. In exports, we provide the products and service is undertaken from our local partner.

Automatic household doors

Garage doors

Regarding garage doors, please consider checking out our catalogue section.


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