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Fire resistant curtain walls

Fire resistant framed glass partitions are structures made of specially designed steel profiles , glass , insulating strips and fixing bolts bolts .

The accessories and door control systems (locks , handles , panik bars , door closers) add up to the complete certified structure that is tested to perform accordingly against specific threats for a specific time period .

According to the architect's demands these frames can be powder coated or inox , while the glass is mainly transparent , monolithic or in double glazing units .

90 % of projects are custom made .In close contact with the specifying team , the appropriate material combination is selected to achieve the functional needs of the building , within budget limits .

The task to combine materials , among certified alternatives and fulfill aesthetic , quality and economic requirements is allways a challenge . It gets more intriguing when it involves sound , thermal and weather insulation .

ANDROMEDA's project engineers act as coordinators. They define priorites with the customers engineers and offer alternative solutions for the project in hand .

In the implementation stage , they draft with the construction company the agreement terms . Then , in collaboration with our production manager , they finalise production deadlines . For export projects , the installation part is usually undertaken by our local partners.


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