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Industrial doors

Andromeda assembles and places by 2010 in Greece, the whole range of industrial doors:

1. timber sectional industrial doors.
2. horizontal swing doors with crystal transparent parts
3. textile rolles.

Food and drug industries is the main area of application. Years of research and development have made Andromeda's doors solvent and economically competitive. Meet the two points of sale-support in Athens and Thessaloniki make it easy to accommodate our customers about access to the response time is minimised.

TRAFFIC DITEC fast rollers

The optimum solution for external openings. It isolates the interior from the exterior of the building, opens quickly for freight movement and trucks. With specially designed horizontal reinforcements and guides, the winds are beign blocked, keeping the interior clean and at pleasant temperatures in order to improve working conditions.

The lid of the mechanism protects electrical components, while easy access makes any maintenance operation easy. Public safety is always a priority for us. The accelerator has a pedestrian emergency exit system.

Η εξοικονόμιση ενέργειας που επιτυγχάνεται είναι σημαντική, υπολογίζοντας τό εναλλακτικό κόστος θέρμανσης/ψύξης τού χώρου.

The energy savings achieved are significant, considering the alternative cost of heating / cooling the space.

SECTOR RESET DITEC fast rollers.

Ideal for indoor use. Always focused on functionality, the speed using an inverter ejects at 3m / sec !!! while drivers securely hold the roll with adjustable air resistance.

For the safety of the passers-by, the reset system with the zippers in the vertical guides deals immediately with a potential vehicle pushing through, while the lower horizontal terminal section seals with the floor. It is also important that this horizontal section is soft and in the event of a collision with a passing pedestrian at the closing motion. It reverses the motion by immediately opening, without harming the person. Security photocells, combined with radar and push buttons, reduce the risk even further.

Energy saving and high aesthetics complete the system image.


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